• Geoim

    Geoim is an exploration, engineering, consultancy, software and construction company aiming to submit the best academic, economic, quality and informative comments and reports in the fields of Geophysics and geology, Archaeological site survey, Engineering and environmental investigation, Geotechnics, Restoration based geophysical and geological surveys.

    Why Geoim?

    • Robust Interpretation to complex subsurface problems,
    • Integrated solutions in near surface geophysics,
    • Visionary approach to problems,
    • Real and long term solution provider,
    • The utilization of up to date technologies in investigation,
    • Competent and academic know-how.



    Georadar study to determine buried archaeological structures for Istanbul Capa and Cerrahpasa Campuses
    GEOIM Cerrahpasa Capa Yeraltı Calismalari